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At Localization Care, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality translation services in a wide range of industries. Thanks to our diverse team of remote translators and rich experience in translations, we can serve clients across a broad spectrum of sectors, from bicycles to medicine, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, law, and much more.

Just see for yourself the industries we've already worked with.

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Our specializations - Bicycles

Although many people have never heard of them, the bicycle units of Poland’s interwar military were involved in some of the most dramatic war episodes of the 20th century.

We appreciate how bicycles affected history, and we want to be a part of this fast-growing sector. With such rapid expansion, it’s vital to find an associate that knows the industry from the inside.


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Our specializations - Movies

The first international film festival, held in Venice in 1932, showcased the power of subtitles, demonstrating the importance of accurate translation in the world of cinema.

Scripting Global Narratives! Through our translations, your stories come to life worldwide. Subtitles and scripts seamlessly communicate, inviting audiences of diverse languages into the cinematic magic you create, ensuring your films captivate a global audience.


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Our specializations - Science

The translation of Sir Isaac Newton's seminal work, "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica," in the 18th century played a pivotal role in disseminating Newtonian physics worldwide, underscoring the historical significance of translation in scientific dissemination.

Unveiling Discoveries. With our translations your scientific research papers resonate across borders. Every breakthrough and hypothesis is communicated with precision, contributing to the global dialogue in the ever-evolving world of science.


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Our specializations - Chemical

The translation of Antoine Lavoisier's groundbreaking work on the conservation of mass in the late 18th century laid the foundation for modern chemistry, highlighting the crucial role of translation in scientific progress.

Transforming Complexity into Clarity our chemical translations decipher intricate formulas and research, ensuring precision in every word. With us, your chemical content communicates globally, fostering collaboration and understanding in the world of chemistry.

Video Games

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Our specializations - Video Games

In the Japanese version of "Pokémon," the move "Splash" is translated as "Hop," reflecting cultural differences in the perception of a seemingly useless action, adding a playful touch to translation in gaming.

Power-Up Your Global Presence! In the gaming realm, our translations level up your virtual experiences. From character dialogues to in-game instructions, we ensure every word enhances player immersion, making your games a cross-cultural success.


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Our specializations - Pharmaceutical

The translation of ancient Chinese pharmacopoeias into European languages during the Renaissance contributed to the evolution of global medicine, highlighting the pivotal role of translation in pharmaceutical history.

Healing the World, Word by Word! Our pharmaceutical translations decode the language of drug development. With precision, we ensure your research and documents communicate globally, contributing to the advancement of healthcare on an international scale.


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Our specializations - Electronics

In the translation of user interfaces, the infamous "404 error" was humorously translated in Japan as "The page you are looking for is in another galaxy," showcasing the creative and playful side of language adaptation in the tech world.

Elevate your electronic endeavors with spot-on translations. From circuit diagrams to user interfaces, we decode the language of electronics.


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Our specializations - Biotechnological

Just as DNA serves as the language of life, accurate translation in biotechnology ensures that groundbreaking discoveries are understood globally, propelling scientific advancements beyond borders.

Decode, Transcend, Innovate. In biotechnology, our translations of research papers open doors to global collaboration. As you push the boundaries of science, our precision ensures that your groundbreaking discoveries are communicated seamlessly across language barriers.


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Our specializations - Economic

In the translation of financial documents, the term "bull market" has amusingly been translated in some languages as "optimistic market" and in others as "ascending cow market," reflecting the diverse linguistic approaches to conveying financial concepts and adding a touch of linguistic charm to economic discourse.

Drive Global Success! In the dynamic world of economics, our specialized translations ensure your financial reports and documents speak the language of opportunity. Clarity and precision in every word, fostering a global understanding for economic triumphs.


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Our specializations - Medical

The translation of medical texts from Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age played a crucial role in preserving and advancing medical knowledge, underscoring the historical significance of accurate translation in the medical field.

Caring Beyond Borders! In healthcare, precision saves lives. Our medical translations, from patient records to research papers, ensure accurate communication. Your medical content, translated with care, speaks a universal language, fostering global advancements in healthcare.


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Our specializations - Marketing

When Coca-Cola first entered the Chinese market, the translation of its name meant "Bite the Wax Tadpole." Our expertise ensures your brand avoids such pitfalls, highlighting the crucial role of accurate translation in preserving brand integrity and resonance across cultures.

Elevate Your Brand Everywhere! With our tailored translations, your marketing materials resonate universally. Capturing the essence of your brand, we ensure your message transcends cultural boundaries, forging connections and making your brand a global standout.


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Our specializations - Technical

In a notable technical translation mishap, a car manual translated from Japanese to English advised users to "press the brake pedal to stop the car," leading to a humorous realization of the obvious. Our expertise ensures such pitfalls are avoided, underscoring the importance of meticulous technical translation.

Unlock Innovation Globally! Navigate the intricate language of technology effortlessly with our precise translations. From user manuals to intricate software jargon, we ensure your technical content is flawlessly communicated, empowering your global reach.