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About Agency

We provide solutions that break down barriers and connect businesses with the world. We are passionate about the power of language, and we are here to help you make the world your audience.

Why choose us?

Think Globally, Act Locally


We are more than a group of individuals; we are a unified team. Our synergy and collaboration create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.


The ever-evolving language landscape demands innovative solutions. We stay at the forefront of technology and trends to deliver cutting-edge language services.

Customer Satisfaction

These fundamental and obvious values of every business we transformed and marked as the 'Localization Care' touch. We deliver top-notch translations.


We understand the importance of global reach while respecting local sensibilities. Our solutions bridge the gap between the global and the local.

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Relationships Matter

We value our relationships with our clients and freelancers, building them on mutual trust. Our transparent and cooperative approach ensures that you receive the best possible language solutions.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating a company where both clients & freelancers feel valued and appreciated.

Meet the team


Our mission at Localization Care is to build LC into 
a company that is run by 
a driven team who loves their work.

Karina Wieszczyk


Piotr Zboś

Production Director

Sylwia Dyjach

Production Department Coordinator

Karol Chmura

Senior Project Manager

Michał Suda

Senior Project Manager

Ewa Jachimowska

Senior Project Manager

Natalia Muszalska-Data

Project Manager

Brygida Kalinowska

Project Manager

Joanna Kamykowska

Junior Project Manager

Tomasz Gdowski

Localization Engineer

Gabriela Mikuła

HR Specialist

Andrzej Kornaś

Sales Director

Łukasz Winnicki

Sales Specialist

+ 4000 freelance translators working with our team.