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Machine Translation Services

In today's fast-paced global landscape, the demand for rapid and cost-effective translation solutions is ever-increasing. At Localization Care, our Machine Translation Services leverage cutting-edge technology to provide you with quick and efficient translations.

We combine the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise to offer not only machine-generated translations but also the option of Post Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) for improved quality and accuracy.

Our Machine Translation Expertise

Our team comprises experts who understand the strengths & limitations of machine translation technology.

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They curate and optimize machine-generated translations to ensure they meet the highest linguistic standards and align with your specific requirements.

They meticulously assess your content to ensure it is error-free and culturally appropriate, allowing you to communicate effectively in any language.


Hybrid Approach

We combine the efficiency of machine translation with the quality assurance of human editing to deliver reliable translations.

Machine Translation

Our machine translation services use advanced AI algorithms to quickly translate content from one language to another. This solution is ideal for large volumes of text when speed is paramount.

Post Editing Machine Translation (PEMT)

We understand that while machine translation is swift, it may not always deliver the nuanced quality required for certain contexts. With PEMT, our human linguists meticulously review and refine the machine-generated translation to improve accuracy, fluency, and cultural relevance.

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Why choose us?


Global Network

Our extensive network of voice over studios and artists ensures that we can match the perfect voice to your project, no matter the language or style.

Flexible Solutions

Whether you need a single voice artist or an entire team for a large-scale project, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Multilingual Capabilities

While our primary focus is on European and Asian languages, we have the capacity to accommodate a wide array of language options to cater to your global audience.

Quality Assurance

We maintain high standards of quality across all our projects. Our network consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering excellence in every voice recording.