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In-house Team

Karina Wieszczyk

Chairman of the Board / CEO

Karina is the leader of the whole team. She is demanding but generous. Everything she does she does with passion, which she passes on to the rest of the team. She has created a team that does everything in order to meet all the clients' needs, and to satisfy them.

The friendly atmosphere she has created at work is often highlighted and appreciated by the members of her team.

Her professionalism may be summed up by one of her client's opinion: "We have talked only for a couple of hours and this made me think, that you have more years of experience in the field of localization than years of age”. Working with Karina is a pleasure.


Voice Over Services
tel. +48 12 347 67 05

Transcription Services
tel. +48 12 347 67 05


Andrzej Kornaś

Sales Manager

Andrzej works in our Sales and Marketing department so if you are working with us you will probably have had contact with him.

Being an open-minded person with a positive attitude allows him to create a friendly atmosphere during the cooperation. He spends

his free time playing basketball and cycling, but he won’t refuse to watch a good movie too.

Izabela Kasprzyk

Sales Specialist

Izabela is the Sales Specialist. She is responsible for supporting the Sales Department in their daily tasks.

Izabela graduated in Land Surveying from AGH University of Science and Technology, however, languages are more important for her than the tacheometer. She reads a lot (especially detective stories) and loves planning trips to the north of Europe.

Edyta Kosek

General HR Manager

Edyta takes care of HR so when you decide to be our provider you will certainly get in touch with her! She will assist you in the whole recruitment process.

Edyta is always eager to help so you can turn to her with all your inquiries. She will answer promptly as her goal is to be here for you.

She holds a BA in English Philology focusing on translation studies. In her free time she enjoys graphic design and swing dance.

Karolina Malinowska

HR Assistant

Karolina is an HR Assistant and is eager to help you every step of the way in the recruitment process. She is a Psychology graduate, but as she is a real people person, she doesn’t really need such an education to easily get along with everybody. Her personal interest in foreign languages and cultures makes working at LC a pleasure for her.

In her free time, she likes to stay at home and read a good book or (binge) watch some – not necessarily good – TV series. She won’t say “no” to a long board game session with her friends though.

Rafał Wątroba

Team Leader

Rafał is a Team Leader and his job is to coordinate the work of the Production Department and to optimize localization processes. The knowledge acquired during his work as a Project Manager helps him to achieve these goals.

He is a Public Administration and Political Science graduate of the Jagiellonian University.

His passion is astronomy and he spends his free time expanding his knowledge of this subject.

Justyna Stefańczyk

Senior Project Manager

Justyna is responsible for project management. She has the right experience and knowledge to organize and easily ensure the TEP (or other) process is going as it should. If you need any help, Justyna is able to explain all the details of the provided services to you, as she knows them very well!

Having a variety of tasks to cope with, Justyna functions most effectively. She is a well-organized, responsible and open-minded person who can always find the right solution.

After work she spends her time widening her horizons with new experiences, traveling, dancing, being near nature, and keeping healthy.


Sylwia Stefańczyk

Senior Project Manager

Sylwia is a Senior Project Manager. Besides working in LC she also studies Applied Linguistics. She is a well-organized person who is not afraid of new tasks.
As a Senior Project Manager she deals with many things at the same time. She is responsible for 

- Finding the best solutions for any issues that may appear
  during the TEP process
- planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling translation
- selecting suppliers including translators, proof-readers and QA
- quotes preparation

And much more

After work Sylwia enjoys her time doing fitness training and taking photos.

Irina Zajdel

Senior Project Manager

Irina is a Project Manager. She graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities and now, as a person with a passion for foreign languages, she is happy to work at LC. 

Irina is not afraid of challenging tasks, she is a responsible and creative worker and a very communicative person.

She likes to spend her spare time in the mountains, she loves fitness, photography and cooking.

Irina truly believes that nothing is impossible.

Agnieszka Wszołek

HR Assistant

Agnieszka is an HR Assistant and in addition a Journalism and social communication student. She likes helping others and her involvement in volunteer organizations proves it. Surely she can find a common ground with anyone.

Her passion is literature, in her spare time she reads a lot and she'd like to write something herself. She also plans to travel, her first stop being in Argentina. Because she loves foreign languages, she gets plenty of satisfaction from working at LC.

Anna Kowalczuk

Junior Project Manager

Anna is a Junior Project Manager. Her responsibilities include helping other Project Managers with their work and also managing translation processes.

In her spare time, she likes learning languages, reading books (especially in Swedish) and practicing Irish dance.

Dominika Konefał

Junior Project Manager

As a Junior Project Manager, Dominika helps Project Managers with their translation and localization tasks. She graduated from Jagiellonian University, majoring in Translation and Cultural Communication. She is interested in foreign cultures and learns new languages with passion.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing and attending Zumba classes. She loves Mediterranean cuisine and spends a lot of time cooking.

Tomasz Benda

Junior Project Manager

Tomasz’s lifelong passion for languages has lead him to the position of Junior Project Manager at Localization Care. While studying Finno-Ugric Studies he developed a fascination with the Hungarian language and culture.

When he is not supervising translation processes, he enjoys long hikes in the mountains, a game of chess, and a good book about far-away lands.

Karol Chmura

Junior Project Manager

Karol is a Junior Project Manager. His key responsibilities include helping Project Managers throughout the translation and localization process.

He is a graduate in Political Science and National Security of the Jagiellonian University.

His main hobby is soccer. In free time he also likes cycling and watching TV series.

Jakub Urbański

Junior Project Manager

Jakub holds the position of Junior Project Manager. As a Translation Studies graduate and language enthusiast, he ensures projects undertaken by our translators are completed with flying colors.

He is a communicative and responsive type, and so can adapt to various demanding tasks. Easing the work of other Project Managers is the cornerstone of his proactive approach.

He appreciates all genres of music, especially Retro Wave. After work, he likes to play guitar.

Piotr Zboś

Junior Project Manager

Piotr helps in the production department as a Junior Project Manager, managing translation and localization processes.

He holds a BA in English Philology with a specialization in translation.

He is interested in mythology, computer graphics, and poetry, and is fascinated by the world of fantasy, new technologies, and computer games.

Radosław Wieszczyk

IT Manager

In order to meet the needs of our clients we are running a wide spectrum of computer systems, hardware and software.

Radosław’s job is to make this IT tower of Babel work. Keep it safe, operational and up to date.

Tomasz Gdowski

Localization Engineer Assistant

Tomasz is a Localization Engineer and he is responsible for analyzing and preparing documents for the localization process. His main goal is to make Project Manager's work more efficient.

Tomasz is an analytical person pays attention to detail.

He likes to spend his free time cycling, rollerblading, and playing console games with friends.

Małgorzata Adamek

Finance and Vendor Manager

Gosia helps with organization and realization of projects as a Junior Finance and Vendor Manager. She completed Far East Studies. Her passions are Far Eastern languages and culture, which she studied in Poland, China and Belgium. In her free time, she likes to bake and read detective stories.