When you want to talk global business, it is very important to select the right language services company to help you communicate effectively. We support companies from a wide range of business sectors, meeting their requirements for a fast, high quality translation service in all major languages worldwide. We handle all projects, from localization and formatting of multi-lingual brochures and datasheets to major website assignments requiring on-going content updates for multiple languages.



Have you heard of transcreation but are not really sure what it is? Well, transcreation, or creative translation or international copy adaptation as you might have heard it called, is the art of adapting a message from one language to another while keeping the key message, tone and style intact. And transcreation really is an art. It is a complex process and normally comes with several obstacles to overcome. But we do it! If you need any creative translation services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transcription services


Transcription means producing a written record of the recorded spoken word. The transcription can then be translated into one or more other languages. It is used in a variety of situations, ranging from court proceedings and medical advisory boards to voice-overs of advertisements. With transcripts, speed is often of the essence, but we fully acknowledge that accuracy and quality are equally vital. For this reason, our transcribers are skilled writers as well as professional linguists. The cost of transcription work depends upon the length and quality of the source material. For example a poor quality audio recording of a conference with a great deal of background noise and people speaking at the same time will take longer to transcribe than a clear recording of a television advertisement. As a guide, it takes around 4-5 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. Call us today to find out how we can help. We can then put together a quotation which best meets your requirements.

Website localization


Adapting a website for different languages and target markets typically involves more than just translating content. Our services include: preparation of the website for translation (or Internationalization), including support with the visual layout to accommodate different text lengths and handle varying data standards, such as date, numbering and address formats. Translation and localization of the content, including the preparation of glossaries and style guides, managing updates, coordinating local market reviews and the translation of graphics and multimedia elements. Testing of the site in various browser and system configurations to ensure the proper functionality and linguistic accuracy.

Software localization


Our expert services include translation and localization of the software itself and all related product documentation, including: Resource files, Graphics, images and icons, Help files (HTML), User guides, Audio, Software licenses and legal disclaimers. The end result is a software product that has the look and feel of a product originally written and designed for the target market. Our translators and proofreaders are carefully selected for each project based on their specialist knowledge of the sector. They utilize the latest translation memory software and terminology tools to ensure highly accurate translations. At the start of every project, we take time to fully understand your needs. Throughout each assignment, your project manager will keep you updated on progress at every stage. Deadlines are sacrosanct and our regular customers know they can rely on us to deliver on time. Our tried and tested approach ensures projects are completed within tight deadlines whilst maintaining rigorous quality standards.

Key elements of our services:

  • Tight project management systems and regular reporting to keep the client fully informed at all times
  • Careful selection of the most appropriate translation team
  • Development of glossaries and samples for sign off
  • Use of translation memory software to store and retrieve translated phrases or sections of text. This not only ensures consistency in style and terminology, but provides a more cost-effective solution by avoiding unnecessary re-translation
  • Software localization to the highest quality standards



You may require translation of brochures, technical manuals or fliers which have been designed using an artwork package such as InDesign, Quark or Illustrator? The length and appearance of your text can change when translated but you need the finished design to look as good as the original. Because we have expert graphic designers working alongside our linguists, we can ensure consistent design and presentation for all your multilingual materials - retaining clear corporate and functional identity. Our dedicated desktop publishing (DTP) and design teams work with a broad range of PC and Mac packages and can adjust layouts, graphics and banner sizes to retain the look of the original document. We can also work with different character sets, including Urdu, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Voice Over


With a worldwide network of qualified and experienced voice over artists, we can offer a comprehensive service covering over 100 languages. Our voice over services can be used for a wide range of projects, including:

  • TV and radio commercials
  • Video games, apps and computer software
  • Corporate videos
  • Training and educational materials
  • Recorded messages (telephone, lift announcements etc.)
  • Podcasts and media marketing
  • Feature films

How do we work? Our team can assist you with all the elements of the project, from start to finish. The project may involve simply voicing an existing script, or you may require a more comprehensive service. Our services cover all aspects of localized voice over production, from transcription and translation of a script to selecting the appropriate artists for the project. The final recording is then delivered in an appropriate format using the required naming conventions. Our rigorous selection procedure means that we only work with the best voice over artists. Our wide network allows us to select the most appropriate artist for your project based on age, gender, accent or other criteria as appropriate.

Project Management


We offer dedicated Translation Project Management services across every project commissioned to us. Translation Project Management streamlines all of the work required to complete a given assignment ensuring that the translations are error-free and the translated documents are delivered on time. Translation Project Managers take the work off your shoulders, organizing all stages of the assignment, handling any complications and reporting back the status of your project so that you can focus on your work. With our Translation Project Management you can rest assured that translations are properly executed. Our Project Managers coordinate the work of: translators - proofreaders - editors - QA specialists in a collective effort to successfully complete your project adhering to your requirements, budget and deadlines.



Revision is performed ONLY by a native speaker of the language checked, a specialist in a given field. The reviewer performs a full linguistic check, searching for:

  • mistranslations,
  • omissions,
  • typos,
  • grammar errors,
  • punctuation errors,
  • double spacing,
  • tag errors

...and checking if the style is well adjusted, terminology correct, if the client’s instructions are followed and country standards (dashes, numbers, etc.) met.



Proofreading is performed ONLY by a native speaker of the language checked, a linguist with suitable experience.
The proofreader:

  • reads the translation carefully, comparing it with the source text;
  • looks for omissions, mistranslations, inconsistencies;
  • corrects punctuation, grammatical, and mechanical errors as well as spelling mistakes and double spacing;
  • checks formatting and advises on the style;
  • checks if the client’s instructions are followed and country standards (dashes, numbers, etc.) met.

Quality Assurance Process


In general, Quality Assurance (QA) is a process of preventing defects in a product. Linguistic Quality Assurance is the evaluation of a translated material which is performed to determine, whether the translation suits its purpose and meets the client’s requirements.

We follow an advanced QA process in order to guarantee the best quality of translations for our clients. The final result is an accurate, polished, professional translation that you can trust to convey your message to your audience.