• Reference for Localization Care

    We have been working with Localization Care since 2013, they mainly offer us the service for English<>Polish translation. Based upon our experience work with Localization Care, we believe Localization Care to be a professional, reliable and high quality supplier.

    Liukin, Regional Resource Manager, China

  • To whom it may concern,

    (…) has been collaborating with Localization Care on more than 20 distinct translation projects from German and English into Polish since April 2014. Our requests have systematically been met with great professionalism and enthusiasm alike, and the quality of the translations provided as well as the responsiveness and straightforward communication with every team member involved has quickly made Localization Care our preferred vendor for Polish translation services. We hope to be able to sustain this successful collaboration with many projects in the future and would like to thank Localization Care for assisting us so well up until now.

    Johann, Vendor Manager, Germany

  • To Whom it May Concern

    It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Localization Care for any company requiring translation services and particularly when obscure technical references abound.

    We have used the services of the company for a number of years and have found that both the service and the quality of their work has been excellent. The translations have always been completed efficiently and any queries that have been raised have been answered promptly. When an urgent assignment has arisen they have responded at a speed that amazed me (without additional cost).

    I have personally dealt with a number of staff within Localization Care and their ethos with regard to caring for their customer cannot be faulted.

    I recommend Localization Care to any prospective customer. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to this relationship continuing for many years to come.

    Dave, Operations Manager, UK

  • Empfehlungsschreiben

    Wir, (…), sind als schnell wachsendes Online-Übersetzungsbüro auf zuverlässige Partner angewiesen.

    Die Firma Localization Care mit Sitz in Krakau (Polen) ist seit Juli 2013 für uns als Übersetzungsdienstleister in den Sprachenkombinationen Deutsch/Englisch - Polnisch sowie im Korrektorat und Lektorat in Polnisch tätig.

    Zu jedem Zeitpunkt dieser erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit konnten wir uns voll und ganz auf die Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit der Firma Localization Care verlassen.

    Wir können die Firma in allen Belangen nur weiterempfehlen.

    Sie zeichnet sich besondern aus durch:

    ∙ Zuverlässigkeit
    ∙ Absolute Termintreue
    ∙ Hochwertige Umsetzung der Übersetzungen und des Korrektorats/Lektorats
    ∙ Schnelle Reaktionsfähigkei

    Wir danken für die hervorragende Partnerschaft und wünschen Localization Care weiterhin viel Erfolg.

    Daniel, SEO, Germany

  • Letter of Recommendation
    To: Whom It May Concern

    This letter confirms that (…) has been working with Localization Care and Karina Wieszczyk since 2012 as one of our primary vendors, providing translation and localization services in a variety of languages.

    Karina's team has helped us with a variety of projects including a number of marketing-specific documents, scripts, transcriptions for subtitles and other standard translation jobs. Localization Care has provided excellent customer service and professional/high-quality deliveries in many languages. All of the team at Localization Care have been very responsive, and communicated well while managing complex and time-sensitive projects on time and on budget.

    I am happy to recommend Localization Care as a reliable and professional language services partner.

    Ben, Creative Localization Director, USA

  • Letter of Recommendation
    for Localization Care
    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter confirms that Localization Care team has been working for (…) from August 2011 till present as one of our vendors, providing localization services from English into Polish and Romanian.

    They have been assisting us with translation into Romanian of medical projects related to in vitro diagnostic devices and with translation into Polish of projects related with office appliances, and performing a good job, demonstrating great communication skills during our co-operation. Because of their stable quality of work and time-sensitive delivery, we can gladly recommend Localization Care to anybody who is looking for a professional and reliable partner.

    Anna, Vendor Manager, Russia

  • I am happy to provide a positive reference for Localization Care, for translation of technical and medical English texts into Russian and Polish. We at (…) have been very satisfied with the services we have received so far, as well as turnaround times and flexibility of your staff in covering uncommon requests. We look forward to continuing a long and prosperous partnership.

    Brett, Senior Project Manager, USA

  • (…) work with Localization Care on a regular basis and have found the service to be reliable, with fast response and excellent attention to detail.

    (…) has used Localization Care in the support of a wide range of projects and can recommend them as an LSP of choice.

    Ken, Consultant, UK

  • To whom it may concern

    We from (…) are very satisfied with the translation services of Localization Care. Especially the care to provide translators with the right medical qualifications and the service to maintain the correct formatting is very well organized. Overall we are also satisfied with the speed and follow-up of the translations.

    Dimitri, Manager, Belgium

  • Działając w imieniu kancelarii adwokatów i radców prawnych „T. Studnicki, K. Płeszka, Z. Ćwiąkalski, J. Górski” Sp. k. z siedzibą w Krakowie, przy ul. Jabłonowskich 8, wpisaną do rejestru przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod nr KRS 0000081423 („SPCG”), niniejszym pragnę wystawić najlepsze referencje „Localization Care” spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółce komandytowej (dalej jako: „LC).

    LC świadczy na rzecz SPCG kompleksowe usługi w zakresie tłumaczeń, w szczególności tłumaczeń specjalistycznych z zakresu prawniczego języka angielskiego, w tym LC przygotowała dla SPCG angielską wersję językową strony internetowej SPCG.

    Jakość usług świadczonych przez LC stoi na bardzo wysokim poziomie, usługi te są świadczone w sposób profesjonalny, rzeczowy, staranny i niezwykle terminowy.

    Za T. Studnicki, K. Płeszka, Z. Ćwiąkalski, J. Górski” Sp. k.:

    Prof. Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki, Starszy Partner

  • RE: Localization Care
    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to confirm that the above named individual has translated content for (…) since 2014. Localization Care has translated the equivalent of more than 48 407 words from German, English into Romanian and Polish in the following content areas: machinery, automotive, informatics and engineering.

    Localization Care is a highly qualified translation agency. I would have no hesitation in recommending Localization Care for any project.

    If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Peter, Head Project Manager, Slovakia

  • To whom it may concern,

    We work with Localization Care primarily on English<>Polish translation projects. Our project managers find them responsive, helpful and easy to deal with.

    We look forward to our continued collaboration.

    Gillian, Vendor Manager, UK

  • Dear Localization Care,

    It is truly a pleasure working together. Your communication and responsiveness is impressive. The time zone difference is hardly noticeable, as you seem to always reply to requests immediately. Sometimes in this industry it can be difficult to understand one another over language and cultural barriers, but your staff has an excellent command of English. Project instructions are always thoroughly reviewed and followed exactly. Your excellent customer service facilitates an efficient and productive workflow.

    Translation quality has also been high. With some other vendors, our in-country reviewer often makes many edits and expresses frustration over poor translations. This is not a problem with Localization Care. Your work often comes back from review with little to no revision. This proves that the linguist has taken the time to research our industry in general and the specific topic of each request.

    All of the points mentioned above make our jobs easier and result a quality final product. Thank you for your continued support.

    Christian, Translation Coordinator, USA

  • We needed translation services very quickly and Localization Care was able to turn around our request in no time. Friendly and efficient!

    Marisa, Operations Executive, UK