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We are a Cracow-based translation services & localization studio, formed entirely by native linguists, reviewers, and proofreaders. We’re innovative to the core and young at heart. Regardless of where you are in the world, we’re available for all your needs, whenever you need us.

Among other things, we specialize in sports with an emphasis on bicycles, all types of video games, medical, pharmaceutical, technical & legal, as well as movies & streaming translation services and more.

We regard professionalism as a key asset of all our projects.

We value our relationships with our clients and freelancers and build them on mutual trust.

Our mission is to build LC into a company that is customer- and employee-friendly, run by a driven team who loves their work. You can get to know them below.

The scope of languages we cover can be found here.

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What’s transcreation, you might ask? Well, transcreation, also known as creative translation or international copy adaptation, is the art of adapting text from one language to another while keeping the key message, tone and style intact. It’s an art, really. An art we do on a daily basis! So don’t hesitate to ask us if you need creative translation services of any kind.

Website Localization

Adapting a website for different languages and target markets typically involves more than just translating the words. It’s preparation of the website for translation (or Internationalization), including support with the visual layout to accommodate different text length and varying data standards, such as dates, numbering and address formats. Translation services for a site’s content also includes the preparation of glossaries and style guides, managing updates, coordinating local market reviews and the translation of graphics and multimedia elements. Testing of the website in various browsers and system configurations to ensure the proper functionality and linguistic accuracy is also important. Let’s get together discuss your multi-language website needs today!


Do you require translation of brochures, technical manuals or leaflets designed in InDesign, Quark or Illustrator? Do you want to make them look as good as the original? Well, we’ve got just the people you and the tools for the job. Our dedicated desktop publishing (DTP) and design teams work with a broad range of PC and Mac packages and can adjust layouts, graphics and banner sizes to retain the look of the original document. And we can do all that working in different character sets, including Urdu, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Project Management

Even though we offer dedicated Translation Project Management services across all projects commissioned to us, we do offer same services as Guns for Hire. Our PMs coordinate the work of translators, proofreaders, editors and QA specialists in a collective effort to successfully complete your project adhering to your requirements, budget and deadlines. Those heroes take the work off your shoulders, organizing all stages of the assignment, handling any issues and reporting back the status of your project, all while you focus on your work. Hire them now!


Let’s talk global business for a moment. Choosing the right translation services provider for your international communications is crucial to any multinational business. We’re the right LSP for a variety of companies in a major business sectors, meeting their requirements for fast, high-quality translations to and from all major languages, worldwide. We do it all – localization and formatting of multi-language marketing materials, video games, movies, company reports and websites requiring constant updates in several languages, to name just a few. And we enjoy doing it!

Transcription Services

Transcription, or production of a written record of the recorded spoken word, is used in a variety of situations. These range from court proceedings and medical advisory board meetings to voice-overs for advertisements. Both accuracy and quality are equally vital. For this reason, our transcribers are skilled writers as well as professional linguists. The cost of transcription work depends upon the length and quality of the source material. As a guide, it takes around 4-5 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. Get in touch and we’ll put together a quotation for your audio transcription requirements today!

Software Localization

Yes, we’ll gladly provide your company with our experts in the translation services and localization of software and all related documentation, such as resource files, graphics, images and Icons, help files, user guides, audio, software licenses and legal disclaimers. At the start of every project, we take the time to fully understand your needs. Throughout each assignment, your Project Manager will keep you updated the way you see fit. Deadlines are sacrosanct and our regular clients know they can rely on us to deliver on time. The end result is a software product that has the look and feel of software natively written and designed for the target market.

Voice Over

With a worldwide network of qualified and experienced voice over studios & artists, we offer comprehensive VO services in majority of European and Asian languages. We’ve worked on various voice projects, from movies to games and everything in between. Regardless of what you need, whether it’s voicing an existing script, meeting a tight budget or finding the right tool, we have it all. Dedicated producers and voice directors, talented native artists, the pro-tools software of your choice and a variety of microphones. You name it, we have it. Let’s talk about your project today!

Linguistic reviews

Every linguistic review we perform is done solely by native speakers, being a specialist in a given field too. The reviewer performs a full linguistic check, searching for mistranslations, omissions, typos, grammar errors, punctuation errors, double spacing and tag errors.

…and finally checking if the style is appropriate, the terminology correct, country standards (dashes, numbers, etc.) are met, and that your instructions have been followed.

The result you receive is a naturally sounding text, meeting the highest linguistic standards.


At Localization Care, we handle projects of any complexity and we do it so that the localization process is easy & effective! Thanks to this, we have established long-term working relationships with global industry leaders as well as startups’ in each area of our specializations.

We work with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in the fields  of: sports equipment, automotive and machinery, advertising, legal, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, software, user manuals, financial (reports, banking and economic translations), multimedia (e-learning courses, platforms, video games, mobile applications), B2B translations, E-Commerce translations and IT (software/hardware), to name but a few.

We’re able to assemble expert teams to handle your project’s specific needs in no time.

Our SMEs include specialists in very narrow, unique fields of expertise as well.

On top of all this, we’re always mindful of improving our own production cycle, SME revision, proofreading, testing, VO and QA processes.

At Localization Care every localization project follows a pre-determined, well-established, highly-specific project path; we communicate with each client prior to a project launch, to tailor the workflow to your needs.

That’s what we call – LOCALIZATIONS MADE EASY!


Video games





Although many people have never heard of them, the bicycle units of Poland’s interwar military were involved in some of the most dramatic war episodes of the 20th century.

We appreciate how bicycles affected history, and we want to be a part of this fast-growing sector. With such rapid expansion, it’s vital to find an associate that knows the industry from the inside.

Come join our ever-growing list of partners and see for yourself why we’re simply the best in this regard.

Ride with us!


Everyone knows that critically acclaimed Witcher 3 was created in Poland, yet a few people know that the re-boot of the famous Shadow Warrior, as well as late Rutger Hauer’s cyber punk thriller Observer were born in Poland too.

Video-games localizations are among the most demanding and technically complex projects there are, and yet we know how to handle them.

With a linguistic team with thousands of such projects under their belt and dedicated PMs, both gamers – we’re your target auditory!

Trust us, we know what we’re doing.


Did you know that the first surgeon who crafted an artificial valve created from materials taken from human corpses was Polish, Dr. Zbigniew Religa?

At Localization Care, we don’t perform surgery or implant an artificial valve, but we put our heart and soul into your translation!

Our translators are professional experts that would love to help you with any medical documents including clinical trials, manuals, medical documentation, protocols and more!

Better safe than sorry – choose Localization Care and be sure that your translation is in good hands!


Have you ever heard of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple – one of the fastest-growing company in the world? I bet you didn’t know his ancestors came from Poland!

Rapid technological development can make you feel dizzy, but no worries! Localization Care comes to your rescue!

Our team is up-to-date with latest innovations and technical news – no matter if you want to translate patents, user manuals, engineering specifications or software content!

Computers have lots of memory but no imagination. At Localization Care we connect technology with passion!


Are there any fans of “House of Cards” here? Do you know that a Polish film director, Agnieszka Holland directed two episodes of this phenomenal series?

We love watching tv movies, but we also know that movie translation and subtitling can be challenging localization tasks. Our linguists are real movie buffs that not only interpret hidden phrases and slang but also understand expressions, cultural norms, and target audiences.

Martin Scorsese said: ‘Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.’ Let Localization Care be your backstage crew!


Karina Wieszczyk

Chairman of the Board / CEO

Karina is the natural leader, whose main role is not only setting strategic goals but also maintaining an awareness of the market competition and industry developments. Her open mind and cultural awareness, gained on many backpacking and road trips around the world, make her a truly global citizen. In her spare time she’s either traveling, reading books by Stephen Hawking or practicing one of the six languages she’s fluent in. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

Andrzej Kornaś

Sales Director

Andrzej is the head of the Sales and Marketing Department, so if you work with us, you’ve probably already talked to him.

Being an open-minded person with a positive attitude allows Andrzej to create a friendly atmosphere throughout our work with you. He spends his free time playing basketball and cycling, and he’s not one to avoid a good movie.

Piotr Zboś

Production Director

Piotr is the Production Director. He coordinates the work of the Production Department to optimize the localization process. The knowledge he’s acquired during years of working as Project Manager and Team Leader helps him to achieve every goal that comes along, together with helping others with their task if needed.

Piotr’s interested in mythology, computer graphics and poetry, and is fascinated by the world of fantasy, new technologies and video games.

Sylwia Dyjach

Production Department Coordinator

Sylwia graduated from the Tischner European University with a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics. She’s always been very interested in languages, their structure and the way words convey meaning.
As a Production Department Coordinator, Sylwia monitors the work of the Production Department, helps our in-house team with more difficult tasks, takes part in the recruitment process, and trains new employees. She is also responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling translation projects.

Gabriela Mikuła

HR Specialist

Gabriela supports the Sales & HR teams as an Assistant. Her role is finding new sales leads and helping with the translator recruitment process. She holds a BSc degree in Bioengineering and is currently studying for her Master’s in Analytical Biotechnology.

Her interests include genetics, molecular biology, crime fiction books & TV shows.

Kamila Dudziak

Sales Specialist

Kamila is a Sales Specialist. Her role is developing sales strategies, expanding the customer base, and helping customers resolve sales-related issues promptly.

She truly believes that nothing is impossible in this world. She loves facing new challenges. Right now, she’s interested in learning a new language – German.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and going hiking with her friends.

Anna Kramek

Sales Assistant

Anna is a Sales Assistant at Localization Care.

She determines customers’ needs and assist them at every step of our cooperation.

She enjoys doing volunteer work with animals and exploring new places in her hometown.

Martyna Kędra

HR Specialist

As our HR Specialist, Martyna is responsible for supporting our project managers in selecting linguists for specific projects, maintaining a documented system of accounting policies and procedures, providing general support for the Sales and Production Departments, and generally dealing with any issues concerning our vendors.

If you have any inquiries about our recruitment processes, she’s the person to ask!

She enjoys jogging, doing yoga, and being with her friends and loved ones in her spare time.

Katarzyna Półtorak

Junior Sales Specialist

Katarzyna is our Junior Sales Specialist.
She is responsible for supporting clients with all their queries, including finding accurate solutions, preparing quotes, and keeping in touch with them.
She is passionate about reading books—from fantasy to classical literature. This hobby combined with her interest in social media led her to create her own account on the subject. She fills her free time with long walks, listening to music, and learning about new aspects of Korean culture.

Karol Chmura

Senior Project Manager

Karol is one of our Senior Project Managers who manage the translation and localization processes, making them smooth and efficient.

He graduated in Political Science and National Security from the Jagiellonian University.

His main hobby is football, but in his leisure time he also enjoys cycling and watching good TV shows.

Michał Suda

Senior Project Manager

Michał holds the position of Senior Project Manager. He is responsible for taking care of client orders and ensuring the smooth working of our translators and reviewers.

He’s very interested in reading, especially science-fiction and fantasy. Michał also can’t live without music – metal, rock, and alternative. Thanks to his studies he can speak fluent Russian, which can be very helpful nowadays. He’s a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in the Culture of Russia and Neighboring Countries.

After work he enjoys playing RPGs and reading – in Polish and in Russian.

Ewa Górnik

Senior Project Manager

Managing the entire TEP process and choosing the best resources for every task are Ewa’s bread and butter as Senior Project Manager. In her daily work, she’s focused on effective cooperation with clients, building relations, and taking care of their needs.

She needs to be prepared to overcome any difficulties and find the best solutions for any issues that may come up while handling TEP projects. Every day is a new challenge for her.

She graduated in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, and that’s where her fascination with different languages and cultures started.

In her spare time, she loves long mountain hikes the most, but when it comes to indoor activities, she never says no to good non-fiction books and bringing baking recipes to life.


Project Manager

Natalia is one of our Project Managers. Being a part of the Production Department makes her responsible for supporting other Project Managers with their ongoing projects.

She graduated from the University Center of Veterinary Medicine UJ-UR in Krakow. Currently, she is focused on developing her language skills, especially English and Spanish, which had a significant impact on her career path.

Natalia mostly likes to spend her free time reading interesting books, playing board games with her friends, and hiking. Another beloved hobby of hers is ballroom dancing.


Project Manager

Brygida is one of the Project Managers at Localization Care. She’s responsible for making sure that all steps of every project we receive are handled properly and with the utmost care.
She graduated in Graphic Design from the Bialystok University of Technology. Her passion for English and the richness of the language started in high school. She is currently learning Italian so she can communicate with people who do not speak English during her travels around Italy, and to get the most out of her visits to Italian art museums.
Besides that, Brygida loves cats (and CAT tools!), fashion, candies, and music. She’s interested in music trivia and enjoys watching movies about inspiring people and aspiring to be like them.

Jan Grabowski

Project Manager

Jan is one of the Project Managers responsible for facilitating translation projects from the client’s initial inquiry to the delivery of the finished project.

He graduated in International Relations from Jagiellonian University. His interests are varied, ranging from international politics, through rail transportation, to road trips across Poland.

He likes spending his free time going out with friends and gardening. Currently, he is learning his second foreign language—German—to broaden his professional opportunities and social network even further.


Project Manager

Kamil is one of our Project Managers responsible for managing the work of our reviewers and linguists.

He loves to make other people laugh. He is highly interested in pop culture in general. However, his main hobby is music – especially writing songs and playing guitar in his band.


Junior Project Manager

Ensuring the best implementation of the TEP process and meeting the client’s needs is no daunting task for Joanna as a Junior Project Manager. She is a photographer who loves to travel and learn about other cultures and religions. Joanna is also at home in the kitchen, where she likes to bake, cook, and feed her friends, but her greatest loves are poetry and music.


Localization Engineer

Tomasz is a Localization Engineer and he is responsible for analyzing and preparing documents for the localization process. His main goal is to make Project Manager’s work more efficient.

Tomasz is a highly analytical person who pays keen attention to detail.

He likes to spend his free time cycling, rollerblading, and playing console games with friends.